If You Have Funds to Donate

If You Have a Few Minutes

If You Have a Few Hours

If You Have More Than a Few Hours


If You Have Funds to Donate
A. Help Us Fund Georgist Projects and Research
B. Donate Directly to Georgist Organizations
Henry George of Social Science, New York City (Tax deductible.)
Henry George School of Social Science, Chicago (Tax deductible.)
Henry George School of San Francisco (Tax deductible.)
School of Living (Tax deductible.)
Council of Georgist Organizations (Donations are not tax deductible.)
Common Ground (Donations are not tax deductible. Mail donations to Common Ground-USA, 4075 Cheltonham Court, Plainfield, IN 46168.)
Prosper Australia (Donations over $A2 are tax deductible.)
Center for the Study of Economics (Tax deductible.)
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation (Tax deductible.)
C. Join Organizations Promoting Land Value Taxation
Council for Georgist Organizations (Voting membership: $50/year; $125/3 years. Non-voting affiliate: $25/year; $65/3 years.)
The International Union for Land Value Taxation (Membership fee: $40. Low-income membership: $15. Corporate membership: $80.)
Common Ground (Nationwide. Individual membership: $15. Family membership: $20. )
Strong Towns (Nationwide. Membership with a contribution of any amount.)
Foundation for Economic Justice (San Diego, California)
School of Living (Individual memberships: $30/year to $135/year. Lifetime membership: $665.)
Liberal Democrats ALTER (“Membership fee: £20/year. Low-income membership £10/year.”)
Coalition for Economic Justice
Labour Land Campaign (“Membership fee: £20. Low-income membership £10. Corporate membership: £30.”)
Land Value Tax Campaign
Scottish Land Revenue Group
Earthsharing Australia (Membership fee: $A30/year.)
Prosper Australia (Membership fee: $A30 /year.)
Republic of Korea
Institute of Land & Liberty (토지+자유연구소)
D. Get Some Swag
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Do You See The Cat? by Plupsnup
Georgist Internationalism by LibertyandLand
Progressive Cat Symbol by selfreference2
Henry George and the Dragon by TheNewUrbanist
Henry George Propaganda 2 by TheNewUrbanist
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