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Our Theory of Change

Georgism (otherwise known as geoism) is an economic philosophy holding that the economic value derived from land, including natural resources and natural opportunities, should belong equally to all residents of a community, but that people own the value that they create themselves.

Most Georgists support:

    • A broad-based land value taxation scheme, either to mostly or entirely replace existing harmful taxes on income, consumption, and corporations.

    • The social redistribution of this revenue either directly, through a Citizens' Dividend, or indirectly, through government programs, to citizens.

    • Some (but not all) forms of market intervention by the state.

    • The abolition of tariffs, quotas, patents, and other barriers to trade and commerce.

The Georgist paradigm crosses the left-right political divide. This means that there are statist, anarchist, progressive, and conservative Georgists.