If You Have More Time
A. Start And Crowdfund Your Own Georgist Project
B. Take Classes on Georgism
Henry George School of San Francisco
Henry George School of Social Science
The Henry George School of Social Science, Chicago
The School of Philosophy and Economic Science
The Henry George Foundation
Henry George Institute
C. Further Reading
Common Wealth Tax
The School of Cooperative Individualism
D. Join a Community Land Trust
San Diego Community Land Trust
The Bay Area Community Land Trust
Oakland Community Land Trust
Tell us about some so we can add them here
Tell us about some so we can add them here
E. Join a Georgist Intentional Community
Council of Georgist Organizations
School of Living
Ahimsa Village (Julian, Pennsylvania)
Julian Woods Community (Julian, Pennsylvania)
Common Ground Community (Lexington, Virginia)
Heathcote Community (Freeland, Maryland)
StellaLou Farm (Cochranville, Pennsylvania)
Stellar Roots (Itsodi Land, Virginia)
Arden Georgists (email)
F. Consider volunteering / career in public service