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If You Have a Few Hours

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If You Have A Few Hours
A. Watch Introductory Videos on Georgism
Ground Rent and David Ricardo's Law of Rent
Georgism 101
Strong Towns: Property Tax vs. Land Value Tax (LVT)
In Defense of the "gentrification building"
TheIU Videos TheIU Films
B. Read Introductory Articles on Land Value Taxation
Tax the Land - Vox
What's With That Empty Lot in the Heart of the City? - Strong Towns
Non-Glamorous Gains: The Pennsylvania Land Tax Experiment - Strong Towns
What Would Mass Upzoning *Actually* Do to Property Values? - Strong Towns
C. Share with Friends and Family (Here are some tips to persuade them!)
a) Describe the philosophical reasonings for Georgism: no one can produce land, so just like air, no one should be able to own it. Almost always, those who own land now, own land that was once stolen from someone.
b) Describe the economical reasonings: a tax on a fixed supply does not introduce deadweight loss or the opportunity to pass the tax to end consumers.
c) From Adam Smith to Milton Friedman, economists endorse LVT
a) For those left of the aisle, affordable housing and taxing the rich are exciting benefits.
b) For those on the right, greater property rights to landowners by upzoning and a LVT reducing the reach of government.
D. Write an Article on Land Value Tax for Your Local Newspaper
Writing Letters to the Editor